Our Produce

At Savage we focus all our attention on sourcing our ingredients from responsible and local suppliers, whenever possible. 
The same applies to our wines and beers - we work closely with a local wine and beer suppliers to offer our customers the best quality product for the best possible price. 

Below you can find more information relating to our food and drinks. 



We believe that the best lobster is cooked fresh straight out of sea water. At Savage we purposely installed a sea-water tank to store our lobsters in the best possible environment. Custom fitted filtration and cooling systems keep the lobsters chilled and stress-free. Low water temperature, correct salt levels and smart filtration are all monitored weekly by our 'lobster expert'.

All our lobsters are imported from Nova Scotia, Canada. Each delivery is scheduled weekly to assure quality and freshness. At Savage we refuse to work with frozen lobsters. 
Our chef's main goal is to treat the lobsters with the upmost respect and deliver the highest possible standard of cooking. Being companionate when preparing lobsters is a priority for our chef. 



Our burger patties and hot dog sausages are all delivered already portioned to the standard size set by Savage. The burger meat-mix recipe was developed for Savage and is exclusively delivered to us by a Belgian supplier. We really do believe that fresh and honest meat is a great starting point to a perfect burger. 

Pure Japanese Kobe beef is an amazing product on its own, but combined with our toppings, we believe it becomes something really special. 

Hotdog sausages are made from freshly ground Black Aberdeen Angus and in combination with some classic toppings with a twist.



The wine list is carefully selected to pair perfectly with our food and offers a choice of French, Italian, Argentinian and Chilean wines. 



Beer is a very special drink for Savage and some of the nation's favourites were selected to offer to our clients. On tap, we offer seasonal beers, such as Liefmans and La Chouffe. Winter and summer seasons will bring change to the selection of beer available on tap. Bottled beer choices are even greater, so you won't struggle when choosing your preferred beverage.  



Cocktails can be a great way to either start or finish your dining experience at Savage - so experiment, enjoy and let your savage side show.