Lobsters are for everybody

At first Savage was just an idea which became a vision and is now a tangible result of many conversations, hard work and great team efforts which all became the foundations for building this new dining experience in the heart of Antwerp.

Since as far back as we know, people indulged in food using their hands instead of fancy cutlery most of us use today. Savage aims to bring back that aspect of dining (and lunching!) to the modern restaurant world.

The concept itself focuses on a short list of ingredients which result in a concise menu - making your daily and super busy lives a little bit easier. The guys inside the Savage kitchen pay all their attention to cooking each dish to perfection every time. This also makes the restaurant cut food waste and be kinder to the environment.

Fresh lobsters are imported from Canada each week straight into our custom made tanks to guarantee freshness and quality of our dishes. In collaboration with a local meat supplier, Savage offers the best of both worlds - land and ocean or surf & turf - whichever you prefer. Locally baked burger buns and lobster rolls also come from a local Belgian bakery to make the dining experience even more satisfying, as we all know it's hard to beat a well baked bun.

More than lobster

Yes, our Canadian lobsters are the stars of our menu, but it doesn't stop there. Meat lovers can indulge in dry-aged beef burger patties, mixed just for Savage or spice things up and try some prime quality Kobe beef imported straight from Japan - bringing Asia a bit closer to Antwerp.

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Tempting Cocktails

The selection of cocktails at Savage is designed with our clients in mind. So whether you want a strong drink after a hard day at work or a lighter cocktail to celebrate a shopping spree, our cocktail list won't disappoint.

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Planning an event?

Parties are great, get-togethers are fantastic and work outings can turn into long and loud affairs...and that's exactly why we wanted to ensure Savage was able to offer the right space and environment for your next feast.

By working closely with our design agency, we were able to create smart table arrangements which allow us to book group reservations for up to 20 people. If you are looking to host an even larger party, please contact us on +32(0)32319397 to discuss your needs and any other Private Hire & Group Booking enquiries.